Indy Dumpster Smash Truck

Reduce Dumpster Overflow with Indy Crusher Dumpster Smash Truck

Indy Crusher is on a mission to minimize environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. We accomplish this one dumpster at a time.

The code outlines the company’s core values of honesty, accountability, safety, professionalism, diversity, and employee empowerment and emphasizes the need for fair and honest business dealings in all aspects of the company’s business within our community.

Indy Crusher Dumpster Smashing

Industries We Serve

Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Home Builders, Automotive and Property Management. If you have a dumpster, please call us for details.

Who We Are

Indy Crusher has four employees dedicated to your service.

Ty (Salesperson)

Ty handles new sales, and his role is to show you the value of our crush technology.

John (Operations Manager)

John handles the daily operations of the truck. His role is to ensure the trucks are safe and ready to smash.

Jen (Inside Sales)

Jen handles our current customers. If you need anything, she is ready to help out.

Tim (Driver)

Tim is our newest driver. Tim’s background is from the Waste Management field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Indy Crusher do?

We crush waste material – simple as that!

Does Indy Crusher provide roll-off dumpsters?

No, we just enjoy crushing trash.

How do I request a ‘live’ demonstration?

When you are ready, Schedule A Free Demo or call us (317) 438-2135 and we will be on our way.

How do I request a crush for my dumpster?

Whatever is easiest for you – email us at, text or call us at (317) 438-2135 for your crush. Remember, contact us before 10 a.m. for same day service.

What materials can I crush within my dumpster?

We will crush everything expect steel or any hazard waste. Not sure about it, go ahead and call us at (317) 438-2135 and we will help.

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