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Carbon Footprint


By crushing your waste material – you eliminate Lift Charge (haul), Fuel Surcharge, Environmental fee, Recovery Costs and Rental Roll Off. Usually these comprise 90% or more of your bill.

Our truck utilizes a non-toxic solution engineered to help diesel-powered vehicles to reduce emissions. We are doing our part in minimizing our footprint.

We have no contract or fees associated with our crushing. When you need us, let us know because we are here to help you save money associated with Waste Services.


Who We Are

Indy Crusher has been crushing in the Indianapolis area since 2018. We watched how the local haulers treated roll-off customers and we decided to get involved – crushing one container at a time.

Ty Thixton
Ty has an extensive background in sales. His knowledge of waste, recycling and equipment will help you understand the value of our technology. He is responsible for new sales and account management.
John Smith

John handles the daily operations of the truck. He also assists in the development of new and existing customers.

Who Are Our Customers?




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Property Managment



Our mission is to save you money. The below information is from local waste operating companies that usually includes a lot of hidden fees. You need to verify your bill. Each baseline is an average and not the exact number that applies to your company. This will help you (as the customer) to understand your bill. To understand how your waste operator charges you is the best way to understand how Indy Crusher can help save you money with your trash services.

List of Regular Fees

Lift Charge / Hauls

Charge to pick up and exchange the container.


Charge to drop off your container onsite.

Dry Run

Charge for the hauler to come out to your location and does not perform a ‘pick-up.’


Charge that the hauler charges when the customer asks to move container.


Charge that haulers charges when they remove the container from the premise.


Charge that haulers charge when they clean out the container after you use it.


Charge that haulers charge when they think the material is above the fill line.


Charge that haulers charge when they think the volume is too heavy.

Frequent Hidden Fees

Fuel Surcharges

The Fuel Surcharge allows waste operating companies to recover the cost of diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. Standard Fuel Charge is meant to help waste operating companies to cover these costs and achieve an acceptable operating margin. Currently, the baseline is between 10% to 18% of the total bill.


The Environmental Charge allows waste operating companies to cover enterprise-wide costs and expenses for waste operating companies to operate collection, transfer, landfill, and recycling operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to achieve an acceptable operating margin. Currently, the baseline is between 13% to 19% of the total bill.

Regulatory Cost Recovery

This charge allows waste operating companies to collectively recover a portion of the overall enterprise-wide costs associated with host community fees, waste disposal taxes and similar charges paid by waste operating companies to municipal or other governmental authorities or agencies to engage in the waste collection, transfer, processing, disposal, treatment and/or recycling business, and to achieve an acceptable operating margin. Currently, the baseline is between 1.75% to 3.5% of total bill.


Administrative charge is a recurring charge, currently between $5.00 – $6.50 per invoice. The administrative charge covers the cost of generating paper invoices and processing payments.


Cross-references the peak diesel price with a corresponding energy charge percentage.

Compliance and Business Impact

Assessed as a percentage of the invoiced amount (exclusive of taxes and other Charges) to help address companywide impacts associated with oversight and compliance as well as internal and external initiatives designed to anticipate and enhance the safety, efficiency and management of the operations.

Host Fee

Typically a ‘host fee,’ is a charge waste operating companies pays, either by ton or on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, to a community (city, county, province, municipality, township, etc.) to locate, construct, operate and or/expand our waste and/or recycling facilities in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Indy Crusher do?

We crush waste material – simple as that!

Does Indy Crusher provide roll-off dumpsters?

No, we just enjoy crushing trash.

How do I request a ‘live’ demonstration?

When you are ready, call us and we will be on our way.

How do I request a crush for my dumpster?

Whatever is easiest for you – email, text or call for your crush. Remember, contact us before 10 a.m. for same day service.

What materials can I crush within my dumpster?

We will crush everything expect steel or any hazard waste. Not sure about it, go ahead and call us and we will help.


What People Are Saying

We’ve been using Indy Crusher for about two years.  We go thru many pallets each month and once we’ve used them, they’re typically not recyclable.  Our routine is to load a 40-yard wood-only roll off to the top and call Ty.  In 30 minutes, the load goes to about a third of the roll off capacity.  Savings breaks down like this:  three hauls without smash – $1350, one haul with three smashes, $1125.  We’re taking up less landfill and spending $225 less.  Ty is great at responding to our calls and is usually less than two days from a smash request.

Brian Backus

Facilities Manager, Delaware Dynamics

Indy Crusher has become a crucial part of our day to day operation.  Trash companies have a difficult time keeping up with our needs for dumpster service and were a true problem for our business.  With Indy Crusher smashing down our cans 4 days a week, I need only need 3-4 cans a week vs. the 10-12 we were using.  This has allowed us to flow so much smoother as an operation and not to mentions saved me thousands!!! Game changer!!!!

Joe Waltz

Operations Manager, RBA

Indy crushers have helped us to maximize our tonnage and reduce our pulls. We went from around 1.5 tons per pull to over 4 tons per pull every time! They have really helped to help reduce our waste costs. Indy Crushers are also wonderful to work with as they are very personable with great customer service and are very customer oriented. Rarely is there an issue but if one does arise, they are very willing to work with the customer to resolve to satisfaction. Highly recommended!

Hunter West

Supervisor, CNH Industrial

They demonstrated what they can do, and we have used them ever since.  They always deliver great service and are very friendly.  The crusher gets dumpsters much lower to be able to add more into them and save us on dump fees in the long.  We will continue to use them as they are always friendly and punctual.  I highly recommend using them if you need their service.

Nick Smith

Office Manager, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal

They have been an incredible asset to our operation by helping us become more efficient and bringing immediate savings to our bottom line. Their services and innovation are changing the trash industry and I’m excited to see where they grow from here.

Jacob Straber

Production and Inventory Manager, Dealers Wholesale

Indy Crusher stopped by our location and gave as a demonstration on how their equipment could work for us and to my surprise it did. We would swap out two 40-yard dumpsters once a week to be emptied. By smashing once a week, save us multiple hauls. This save us 45% per month with waste services. Indy Crusher is a company you can trust to get the job done and save money.

Kent Smith

Service Center Manager

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